With the use of Nolvadex you will finally have a little more comfort during your treatment against cancer!

Breast Cancer: Treatment, Information, And Awareness

It is important that women take care of their breast health at all times. Mammograms and other tests are designed with this in mind, but regardless of how careful we are sometimes there are things that are just out of our control. The unfortunate truth is that one in eight women will get breast cancer in their lifetime. it can feel hopeless when you hear that word, but i want to discuss something with you in this article. And that is how you can fight back and about a medication designed with you in mind if you ever face this ugly condition.


Nolvadex has been prescribed to men and women in Australia alike to prevent and treat certain types of breast cancer, if this is the medication for you then you may be advised to take it for up to five years unless you are told otherwise by your doctor. Many times Nolvadex is used ahead of time as it can lower your chances of ever developing breast cancer in the first place, it is most commonly used in this situation in women who are at high risk to get breast cancer. You see, when it comes to breast cancers, there is more than one, and some forms of this disease feed on the breasts estrogen levels in order to grow. Nolvadex works to block your estrogen cells effets which, in turn, then slows down the growth of those types of cancer cells.

What Is Nolvadex Used For In Bodybuilding?

Side effects

Once you begin taking Nolvadex you will want to make sure you have covered with your doctor any kinds of side effects you may encounter as a result. This medication, like any other, carries a range of common to rare side effects as you can imagine but most of them are going to be outweighed by the prospect of preventing or slowing cancer. The side effect that is reported most often in women is hot flashes, it does not mean anything serious is going on it this happens though. The other most common side effect is vaginal discharge, this is not usually a serious problem but if you notice that this discharge carries an amount of blood in it then you will need to speak to your doctor as soon as possible.

What to know

Aside from these two issues, all other side effects are less common but they can be pretty severe, so if you experience any of them you should talk to your doctor. Nolvadex can cause blood clots, which as you can imagine, is pretty serious. you will likely know if you are having blood clots due to many factors and this problem could be persistent for up to three months after you stop taking your medication and can lead to death if not treated properly. if you have pain or tenderness in your legs, or if you start to experience sudden chest pains, shortness of breath, or begin coughing up blood you may be at risk.

Seek doctor’s advice

Nolvadex can also cause you to have a stroke. Again this is a serious problem that can result in your death so be certain to speak with your doctor immediately if you begin to experience a weakness or tingling sensation in your face, arm, or leg. This is especially true if you notice that it is only happening on one side of your body. You may become very confused as well or have trouble speaking to someone or understanding what they are saying clearly. If you have trouble seeing, or begin to lose your motor functions including your ability to walk, or even a severe headache then these could all be signs that you are at risk for a stroke.

Physician care

You should always make sure to discuss all of these things and more with your doctor, as i am sure that they will go over it with you to find out if you would be a good candidate for this prescription. Nolvadex is a white tablet and should be taken every single day, you should also make sure that you take it at the same time every day as your bottle will state. If you miss a dose you should just take it as soon as you remember and then continue taking it like normal. There are many things to consider when dealing with this but it will become clear to you after a few sessions. And as always, be happy, and be healthy!

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  1. Nolvadex (tamoxifen citrate) is a nonsteroidal antiestrogen used to treat breast cancer that has spread to other parts of the body (metastatic breast cancer), to treat breast cancer in certain patients after surgery and radiation therapy, and to reduce the chances of breast cancer in high-risk patients. My mother was on this for a couple months and it actually made her sick, so she couldn’t continue being on it. I have heard it does work for other patients though, just depends on the person.

  2. Tamoxifen is a nonsteroidal estrogen replacement used to treat breast cancer or metastatic breast cancer that has spread to other areas of the body. It is also used to treat cancer in certain populations after surgery and radiation therapy and also to treat patients at high risk for developing breast cancer. Generally, this medication is taken by mouth in pill form or liquid with or without food. Requires a doctor prescription. Tamoxifen (Nolvadex) tends to have the following side effects according to those who have taken it for any length of time: in the beginning, tiredness and fatigue, hot flashes, insomnia, thickening of cystic spaces in endometrium. Most people report increased bone/cancer pain in the beginning when they start to take this medication along with increase in size of tumor or new tumors. This is completely normal and these symptoms usually resolve quickly. Tamoxifen seems to work better over long periods of time than similar medications such as Arimidex.

  3. Nolvadex began as a breast cancer medication known as ‘Tamoxifen’. … Well, Nolvadex has two primary characteristic that caught the attention of the bodybuilding community. As a Selective Estrogen Receptor Modulator (SERM), Nolvadex has been shown to prevent estrogen binding”

  4. I developed metastatic breast cancer in late 2017. After radiation I started taking Nolvadex to reduce the chances of the cancer coming back. Its 2019 and I feel great!

  5. I think it could be a great product if you are very cautious while using it to make sure that everything goes as planned and there are healing benefits in the product.

  6. Nolvadex is the drug that assists the assimilation of calcium in women, which is used as a complementary therapy in breast cancer, but whose doses can cause toxicity.

  7. Nolvadex (tamoxifen citrate) is a nonsteroidal antiestrogen used to treat breast cancer that has spread to other parts of the body (metastatic breast cancer), to treat brNolvadex is perhaps one of the best compounds to use as a Post Cycle Therapy. If you aren’t familiar with Nolvadex, its initial use was to help treat breast cancer. It’s also known as Tamoxifen or Tamoxifen Citrate.east cancer in certain patients after surgery and radiation therapy, and to reduce the chances of breast cancer in high-risk patients.

  8. After initiating treatment with Nolvadex, I felt a considerable improvement in the symptoms of cancer, allowing me a little more comfort and relief.

  9. I took Nolvadex for a year for my breast cancer that has spread. I took 20 mg a day which is on the lower side of recommended doses. Most of all the listed side effects, thankfully didn’t happen to me. The ones that did were hot flashes, fatigue and a persistent cough, fatigue was the one that was most severe and obvious to me. That being said, it was much better than the radiation therapy i went through previously. That medication, along with taking care of myself better and constant doctor visits have made my breast cancer go into remission, which is obviously great news.

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